Tuesday, April 13, 2010


i honestly dont remember what happened when i woke up this morning. i went to bed on the cot that was on stage at seven this morning and woke up at nine forty-ish. at around eight thirty my assistant joined me on the cot while she waited for someone to meet her to finish the flooring, anyways i vaguely remember that but what i dont remember at all happened when i actually got out of "bed." i guess i got up and was shaking cause i was so cold. aka my body was finally shutting down from the major lack of sleep [probably ten hours of sleep in the past four days at the time]. well the technical director let me borrow his hoody and they had the master electrician walk me back to my dorm. thank goodness they did cause when they told me about that i dont remember any of it really. all i remember was me in my room coming to it and looking down at the hoody thinking to myself "huh. i must have borrowed this last night," then changing at going back to bed. it was weird.

but thank goodness - im going to bed before five a.m. for the first time in the past five days!

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