Friday, May 28, 2010


Me and my good friend Bethany have known each other literally since birth. we have grown up together, played together, gone on vacations with our families, etc. the majority of those vacations were to one of the most beautiful places called Acadia National Park in Maine. our families used to go every summer to Blackwoods campgrounds and camp for a was THE highlight of my summer [even though i didnt like hiking].

well, eight or nine years after our last vacation together to Maine, we are finally going back. this morning we reserved a tent campsite for five nights in August on the ocean side of the park - the same place we used to go as kids, planned our meals, decided what trails we are going to hike [cause now i love hiking!] and all that we are going to do!

both of us have talked about doing a road trip, not even together, but have never had the time or the money to do so. but finally, we are going on our first road trip, together, to our favorite place in the USA. i dont think i have ever been this excited to go camping in my life. and to go there with my best friend who has shared the same love of a campground as i and misses it the same is going to be so much fun.

i know it probably sounds dorky and nerdy to be this excited but i have not been to Acadia in about eight years!

we are going to hike some of the trails that we did as little girls way back when: Bubble Rock, Beehive, Bear Brook Trail and Great Head as well as spend a day in Bar Harbor and visit Thunder Rock.

one last place we are going to be visiting most likely every day is a place we call "the rocks." its basically a huge cliff that looks over the ocean that you can climb down to be by the tidal pools or at night look at the stars and see how many there really are. i wouldn't be surprised if its the place where i have seen the most stars ever.

well. if you couldnt tell im super stoked to go. i just have to get through camp first =/

Monday, May 24, 2010


so ive decided to share some of my art work with whomever may follow this blog. i normally dont let anyone see or read what i create because for me, my art is a very personal thing and it is a glimpse of myself and what i was going through at the time it was created. well here are four pieces, the last three being in a series. i have no titles yet cause i suck at coming up with them. i may post more pics of past works and continue to post when more are created. who knows. well enjoy.

if you have any questions or comments please let me know. i enjoy hearing how people react to my work.