Wednesday, March 24, 2010


so i decided that instead of having a photo blog id have a blag about websites and other blogs that i love. so here it goes:

Yay!Everyday: a site that posts photography, digital art, short films and other videos. great past time for when you are bored. [] [one of my favorite posts:]
Laughing Squid: it is an "online resource for art culture and technology and independent web hosting company." basically the same thing as Yay!Everything but just a different name. Laughing Squid also posts other blogs, photography and even propaganda pieces []

Johnny Cupcakes: this is one of my favorite clothing companies/brands. Johnny started out by selling a few shirts out of his trunk at his bands' shows. it turned into a wildfire - alot of people were wanting the shirts and so Johnny decided to drop out of the band and pursue his love of creativity and build up this company. why Johnny CUPCAKES? well what he does is inserts a cupcake into popular icons such as the statue of liberty. instead of her holding a torch she holds a cupcake. all of his products are limited edition with only about 100 of each and once they are sold out he never re-prints them. his clothing is expensive but its worth it since you are getting a one of a kind t-shirt. not only does he have a a clothing company but he also has a fantastic blog [] [favorite posting:]

PostSecret: probably at least a few of you have heard of this site. a guy named Frank started this as nothing really serious but just as a way for people to send in their secrets to him on post cards to get it off their chest. well, it grew and grew and now Frank has made four books compiled of many of these post cards. [] [the blog:]

FiftyPeopleOneQuestion: this has got to be one of my favorite shot film projects i have come across. as of right now there are five films and each one asks one question to fifty different people and then it is compiled into one 5-7 minute film. it is so interesting to hear the different answers that are given and how raw and honest some of them are. some of the answers have brought me to tears - but granted it is me and i love connecting with people from afar even if it is through a short film.

DeviantArt: a site where anyone and everyone can post their art work no matter if its literature, poetry, photography, films, drawings, etc. i have an account but good ole taylor has blocked it =/ [] [my site:]

Kuler: well this is just a site that i could spend hours on. its a site that helps you make color combinations and is just fun over all. anyone who loves colors should know about this site! []

Marc Johns Blog: this artist posts his work online on his blog and its just fun stuff []

MyLifeIsAverage: just go and check it out []

Someone Once Told Me: this is another amazing project. the photographer travels around and hands random people a pad of paper and asks them to write down something someone has told them before and then he takes a picture of them. its so cool to see the different answers and the stories behind them []

Blow At Life: this is a blog i follow that has amazing artwork from the creator posted almost every day []

hope you enjoyed this and have found at least one new cool site to follow!


Megan.Margaret said...

mlia rocks my world!! (read: procrastination)

And why in the world does taylor block deviantArt???

AutumnLuis said...

because people can post nude drawings/photos or have gore/grotesque stuff and taylor blocks alot of that stuff. which to me is sad because deviantart is a great place to find amazing art!

Megan.Margaret said...

=( Judson blocks a bunch too. It can be frustrating though because sometimes they block stuff that has no reason to be blocked. Oh Christian