Friday, January 22, 2010


i cant believe shes gone.

today i found out that my gma passed away last night in her sleep. her Alzheimer's had gotten so bad i guess it was good for her to go. what hits me hard is that last night i guess she asked my gpa if they could talk but it was so early in the morning that my gpa just said to go back to sleep. and after that she passed away. what would she have said? i know this fact is killing my gpa.

the funeral is sunday. ill be in utah. my parents want me to go on my trip and so do i. i guess its a good thing that i wont be there - i dont handle funerals well. i hate them actually.

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hayden2218 said...

i'm so sorry about your grandma. :(
i never know what to say when someone loses a loved one. But i know if it were me, I'd be imagining her partying with God in a big way.

sending love and prayers
~ hayden