Sunday, January 24, 2010


didnt go to bed since we had to be ready and leave at three in the morning. good stuff. so we drove for about an hour and a half to the indy airport where i fell asleep but was rudely awakened by the fact that we had arrived and i had to move. first flight i tried to read but the above light was burnt out =[ so instead i fell asleep in an instant. probably a good thing. second flight same thing - out before we even left the ground. kathy started getting quite sick after the second flight - major motion sickness. she felt like she was going to pass out so we sat down and chilled out for a bit. tried going back through security to get some food but brad was stared down with a quite evil one at that. got our two mini-vans to drive around in and headed to the church where we are gonna have a class and yet again the majority of us conked out. i ended up doing a face plant on the table.
our first film seen was a program of shorts. eight in all. there was an....interesting mixture of films. the first one was a cartoon of this guy who is getting his wisdom teeth stitches out of his mouth and it ends up being a baby. others then come around and kick him to death then take out "giant knives." there were two shorts that were basically just vulgar and had no story line. funny yes at times but it was thirty minutes of my life that i miss and wish i had back. there two other one that i thought were pretty good but one named Echo didnt have an ending at all - it surprised me at how abruptly it ended. its filmmaking was great though. the other one was called The Armoire and i really enjoyed it but its story was kinda all over the place. you had to piece it together for yourself to get the whole picture. over-all the shorts were ok, not too impressive.

went back to the condo and had dinner and are now chilling around the living room area playing games trying to just relax. some of the guys are going to go see Highschool i believe later tonight. thankfully i get to sleep in tomorrow - maybe ill waitlist for a movie. who knows.

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