Monday, January 25, 2010


Thankfully got to sleep in a bit till 930. Only woke up to eat breakfast which was a tasteful half of a large lemon poppy seed muffin and a sliver of orange juice and a glass of milk. Last night I was out right when I hit the pillow. I think both me AND Julia slept like rocks. Today was more of a chill out and catch up on sleep day which was nice. Me and a few of the guys stayed back at the condo to hang out before we headed down to Main Street at around noon-ish to check out some of the events that our credentials get us into.

We got to Main Street around 1-ish and me and a few others went to the Filmmaker’s Lodge to attend a discussion panel about a couple of the films about war. The three that were on the panel were Restrepo directed by Sabatian Junger [ill be seeing it on Wednesday], Son of Babylon directed by Mohammad Al-Daradji and A Tillman’s Story [aka Pat Fucking Tillman’s Story or I’m Pat ______ Tillmam] directed by Amir Bay Lev [sadly I wont be seeing either of these]. The discussion was so interesting with great question and answer and also showed a clip from wach of the films. There were so many quotes that I took away and things that I learned that would take way too long and too much space to write them all down.

Sadly me and Josh had to butt out of the discussion early cause Kathy sold her and Julia’s ticket for the short program we saw yesterday and got two tickets to Metropolitan. Its one of the films from the Sundance collection and was shown in my birth year: good ole 1990! [I found out that Harold and Maude is being shown be yet again sadly I cant go see it….very sad day]. Metropolitan was being shown at The Egyptian which is basically the face of Sundance. It’s the venue you see on all the brochures. The film style and type of film used reminded me of Pretty in Pink and also Harold and Maude. Over all I really enjoyed the film. The writing/script was really well done and very witty – I would never have thought of half of what was said. The only thing that wasn’t that great was in the beginning it seems like it wasn’t going anywhere. It was following a group of young adults with no real plot greatly written and well filmed but going nowhere but then thankfully something happened and we had something to follow!

At first I didn’t really know why I liked the film so much but then about a few hours later I realized that its because of the relationship between Tom and Audrey [the two main characters]. Basically in a nutshell: Tom and Audrey’s relationship is somewhat hesitant in going any deeper then the typical get-together conversation or the conversation for show and through that Tom is totally oblivious to the fact that Audrey has a thing for him. Of course there is more behind it but it just was something I could relate to.

On our way back to the church for the Windrider orientation/welcome we passed by a place called Bing-Bar and all you could see was paparazzi surrounding the door and sidewalks. Supposedly Mark Ruffalo was in there. Whatever.

So the Windrider thing was good. It was a typical welcoming of people with the introduction of important people who did all the things that made it possible to even get here. Then we got to see four films that were a part of the Angelus Student Film Festival that Jon and Eddy Pirddy have founded to help students, duh, get started and such. The four short films were: On the Road to Tel-Aviv, Kavi, Dessert Wedding, and Waiting for a Train. They all were MUCH better then the shorts program of yesterday. Only thing: WAY too much black on the panel =] the q&a that followed was pretty good too.

One thing I noticed was that every place has really comfy seats.

Kathy was still feeling a little blue – she thinks she has the flu [that rhymed and I didn’t even mean to do it!]. so if you keep her in your prayers that would be much appreciated.

The landscape is so beautiful. Being here reminds me of when I was in Colorado for spring break last year. Surrounded by mountains that you wake up to every morning. And not only are the mountains breathtaking but so are the massive ice-cycles! We have to be careful so we don’t get hit by any from above. They hang from every building and some are ridiculously big! I never knew they could be so large.

Our condo is so nice. There is plenty of room and a great kitchen where some of the group have busted out their cooking ability and have succeeded to the delight of the group. Another great feature is the hot tub. The guys are eating that one up – last night they relaxed for a good forty-five minutes. I personally have not been it yet due to the fact that I don’t have a suit and that I hate being in water. But I might go in a bit later in the week since ive never been in one outside on a balcony while its no more then 30 degrees out. What better place to try something new then at Sundance?!

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