Monday, March 15, 2010


i received a postcard from my friend who is currently studying abroad in Ireland and i realized that i belong overseas. i was supposed to be born in ireland or switzerland....not here. the postcard he picked out is my favorite place: Dingle Peninsula and it just brought back so many memories of when i was there. i had to go down memory lane to keep myself from loosing my mind.

this is one of the streets in Dingle and i vividly remember this store front with the dolphins coming out of it.
this ruin i remember seeing while at a small restaurant if i remember correctly. i was for some reason quite sad for no apparent reason and this ruin gave me some comfort. dont ask me why. it just did.
this pier was on the front of the postcard i got today. just a slice of the beauty that ireland has.

the beaches are gorgeous....i miss walking in them with out shoes on. we saw a horse run down the beach - like something out of a movie. though we also saw a 60-some year old man in a speedo as well which was disturbing =] haha! but a memory none-the-less

no words need be said....

we decided to jump in our car one day and just drive around the coast line and i particularly remember this statue we saw on the way. its just beautiful.

THE RAINBOW HOSTEL!!! this is were we stayed. the best place ever! there were so many musicians playing around the place. it felt so home-like when i was thousands of miles from my home. i need to go back.

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Megan.Margaret said...

You've been to Ireland?!! So jealous! Ireland and Italy are my dream destination. Maybe after graduation, we can take a trip.... ;-)