Monday, March 8, 2010


been thinking recently: why am i not dating?

*dont worry this is not a pity party yadda yadda.
these are just thoughts from my scattered brain and confused heart.*

a friend of mine made a comment a few weeks ago while we were talking about the topic and it struck a chord in me. i honestly dont even remember the comment but it got me thinking and then i guess the words dont matter really then.

anyways - maybe its cause i am scared of letting someone know me more then i let the normal person or a close friend of mine know. and then the other fact is it would obviously be a dude - not a confident area in my life haha! ive never really been fully comfortable around guys except one but thats another story i dont feel like explaining. even guy friends of mine ive always been a bit uneasy. dont ask me why - i dont even know myself.

well im off to bed - i just needed to get these few thoughts down.

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