Saturday, August 13, 2011


August 12, 2011: my twenty first birthday. i woke up around noon-ish and had chocolate cake for breakfast that was made by the family i have been staying with this summer and it was wonderful! ive always wanted to have cake for breakfast, what better day then my birthday?!
i then was semi-kidnapped by two wonderful friends [pictured below] and taken to Olive Garden where i ordered my first drink as a twenty-one year old. i got the house white and it was delicious.
they also got me THE MOST gaudy box of chocolates they could find.....i say they did a fantastic job.
finished the night off with a game of bananagrams with Buttercup while watching Master & Commander.

now back to my picture blog....

i love giving hugs so if you ever need one just ask.....

"you anchor me"

every one needs a cute cheat sheet

as much as i hate eyeballs, this picture is amazing

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