Sunday, October 10, 2010


i was gonna write a one sentence entry about how deliberate copycats who do what other people do just because its cool or "hip" are my biggest pet peeves [because this is basically the opposite of who i am/believe in/stand for and it seems as if i am now the center point of someone's copycat ways] but then i read a friends blog post and now for some reason i feel hopeless. of course this was not his intentions. probably didnt even know i was gonna read it. but i did.

i am in the right area of life? will i make it in the world as an aspiring film editor/cinematographer/art director/whatever part of film i end up being? can i be someone who sticks out in the crowd, who is exceptional at my work enough so i can get jobs and pay the bills? am i confident enough to survive? who knows. i just hope that in the next year and a half i can figure it all out, or at least most of it.

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Megan.Margaret said...

I've learned alot in the last six months. Probably more in this half year than in my whole life. Read/watch lots of tutorials (youtube is awesome) and just keep learning. In media, everything is constantly changing, but they are fun changes. It's awesome to be able to work on the computer, and it really is your work, or homework =) Keep learning, and as one of my profs would say, just MAKE WORK.You never can have too much. Make movies just for the heck of it. Read blogs that inspire you. Ask yourself why you are passionate about filmmaking.

I love ya girl!

<3 <3 <3 <3