Friday, June 24, 2011


i miss cody =[
beautiful board beautiful woman
today i am thankful for: loud music, powerful lyrics, and open highways

best thing EVER! i want one in my house....

i said this once....

i need to learn to be more observant of life.


batman and superman....each means something to different people. one may relate to batman better while another relates to superman in a different fashion. but the thing that matters is not who has the ultimate super power or who would win in a battle against each other; but rather that they are part of that persons childhood and/or adulthood and that character brings happiness and joy to us through comics, artwork, tv shows, and films. so even though i love batman, i raise my glass to superman and heroes alike. thank you for bringing smiles, tears, and a world of wonder. heres to you.

for: nan johnson [above AND below]

fonts AND a mix cd? you got me....

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