Thursday, January 27, 2011


so tomorrow i have my first ever interview and it just so happen to be with Heartland Truly Moving Pictures for an internship this summer. the more i think about it the more nervous i get. ive prepared for it as much as i think i could. ive picked out my outfit, ive thought through my 30 second personal sales pitch, i even went to our career development office here at school and asked about body language, tips, etc [even got a sheet of common questions], i printed my cover letter and resume and bought a professional looking folder thing to put them into [just in case they dont have a printed copy], ive even prayed for calmed nerves! i think im most scared of walking in and not knowing where to go so ill get lost and miss the interview.

currently im trying to calm those nerves by listening to Mumford & Sons while lying in bed. not really working. getting in bed at 140am is a weird feeling. for the passed few days ive been going to bed anywhere from 4-6am but tonight i know i need my sleep especially for tomorrow.

anyways, if you think about me please send up a thought or prayer for me.

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Megan.Margaret said...

ohhhhh mygosh, as I read this I was listening to Mumford. i LOVE them.