Thursday, December 23, 2010


Day 9: How you hope your future will be like

always keep my childhood close to me and never be too serious

to always dress comfortably
to pass on my love of Batman to someone

never go against myself again
to love to unlovable
never break a promise
to enjoy and appreciate the beauty in nature
to remember that He has everything in control
to not lose my mother's characteristics
to be the best friend i can be
to care for those who cant care for themselves [and to own a puppy =P]
i make great memories
to keep thinking creatively

to make things often
to always smile no matter what the situation

not to let this ^ happen to me
to do a little dance when....
i meet the right person....
and then get married....
have a beautiful wedding....
maybe adopt a kid or two....
and live happily ever after with my husband.

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