Saturday, December 18, 2010


Day 6: Write 30 interesting things about yourself


1. still play Pokemon on my color gameboy
2. have to cover the top of my hot chocolate with marshmallows
3. go out of my way to step on crunchy leaves and snowballs
4. have never dated before
5. don’t re-paint my nails until most of the black is chipped off [unless for a formal
occasion then I’ll paint them anew]
6. love when half my head is buzzed [it’s so soft]
7. my second and third toe [and fourth on my right foot] are larger then my big toe
8. keep a list of movies ive seen [started it 5 years ago]
9. have seen 746 movies [at least thats how many i remember]
10. have a lip ring
11. will eventually have a series of tattoos that depict the ones i love
12. lived in Switzerland for nearly 3 months
13. hate the words moist and seepage and when you put them together its even worse
14. am a vegetarian and have been for three years this february
15. still act like a kid around christmas time
16. like freckles - i think they are beautiful
17. love going to restaurants and eating at the bar
18. favorite type of film is documentary
19. think humor is sexy
20. am scared of heights and being in the center spot light
21. dont drink water [at least very rarely - last time i drank water was about a week or two ago]
22. love longboarding, its very calming
23. work best when im over-committed/slightly stressed
24. LOVE fonts and looking at/downloading them
25. am a blunt and straightforward person
26. am in charge of painting the sets at my university's theatre and i love mixing colors
27. am intrigued by numbers
28. am a believer in Christ Jesus
29. hate when hoods are inside out [i often fix them even for strangers]
30. hope to one day be half as cool as my parents

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