Monday, December 13, 2010


Day 3: Your views on drugs and alcohol.

on drugs. i dont see the point of cooking your brain for a bit of relaxation or crazy hallucinations. ive experienced hallucinations without the drugs and its not fun. i would prefer to keep my mind in tact thank you very much.
on alcohol. i dont see the issue with drinking a glass or two of wine with dinner or a beer every now and then during social events. but when it gets to the point of drinking just to get drunk thats just stupid. i want to remember what i do. ive seen too many close friends get into situations and make dumb mistakes because of alcohol and i refuse to even put myself in a place that has excessive drinking. i have learned from others and im even iffy about having a glass of wine for my 21st bday [not that i might get drunk from it but that it could possibly start a habit]. ive tasted both wine and beer and dont really like it. i would prefer milk, diet coke or coffee anyways =]

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